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TheOneSpy Monitoring AppTheOneSpy is software for monitoring with one of the widest range of features. It’s designed for devices operating under Android OS, Windows, and Mac, which means almost any customer will be satisfied with the choice. What is monitoring software? This is a special app that allows you to remotely control devices and gather the necessary data for different purposes, such as parental control or business quality improvement. You can feel safe about your kids or your employees because you will always know what’s happening on their smartphones, PCs/laptops, or tablets.

With the help of Theonespy, you can track calls, locations, social media activities, text messages, and other helpful information about the target device remotely using the control panel online. You can even view the number of strokes, view browser history, and change preferences. This is a very powerful tool that can make your life easier and safer with a few clicks. Thousands of people have already tried this app, so you can rely on their experience. If you want to know more, then let’s check out what’s inside.

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TheOneSpy Features

Live 360 Streaming

Spy 360 live camera streaming

You can see and listen to the surroundings of the target mobile phone device having direct control over the target device’s back and front cameras using live camera streaming 360 software. It will enable a user to view the activities of the surroundings and voices and conversations in real-time on the target device

  • Use the TOS web portal to activate View 360
  • Get Live Streaming of the surrounds
  • See live visuals of the target device surrounded by an audio facility

Spy 360 live surround listening

This feature gives you an unbelievable possibility to listen to the surrounding of the target device, using the boosted MIC signal. This can give you a clear picture of what is going on around the person you are spying on.

  • No command sending on MIC is required
  • Instant discreet connection to the target phone
  • No delay real-time listening
  • Statistics for live streaming
  • The root is not required

Call Logs

Call History

Check out all incoming and outgoing calls with timestamps made on the target cell phone. Be aware of whom your kids or employees are in touch with.

  • View call logs with contact numbers
  • Track current phone number
  • Check timestamps of all calls
  • Get a detailed log with the entire call history through the control panel remotely

Recorded Phone Calls

If call logs are not enough or you think that some calls look suspicious, you can go further and record any incoming or outgoing call to listen to it whenever you want. In combination with the previous feature, you can obtain all the necessary information. You can even listen to live calls to stay tuned and not miss anything important.

  • Record live incoming and outgoing calls
  • Real-time listening
  • View complete contact information
  • Save recorded data to the web portal

VOIP Call History

Spy on VOIP Call logs History of WhatsApp, Viber & Line

VOIP calls are also popular nowadays, which means you would probably like to have an opportunity to view WhatsApp, Line, Viber or other social app call logs with timestamps too. Use Theonespy to track calls made via VOIP.

Restrict Incoming Calls

Use the control panel to restrict incoming calls if you have some reasons to think that they are inappropriate.

  • Block incoming calls for the target device remotely
  • View information about any incoming call

Bugging / Surround Recording

Video Camera Bug

Remotely record short videos of the surroundings using the front or back camera of the target device. The maximum length of the video is 60 seconds. This may help you get your loved ones out of trouble or get some evidence to protect yourself.

  • Control the front and back cameras of the target cell phone
  • Set video recording intervals
  • Watch recorded videos stored on the web portal

Mic Bug

Use the target device’s built-in microphone to record everything that happens around it for up to 45 minutes. Get to know about all conversations with potentially dangerous people and other suspicious sounds.

  • Record audio of the surroundings by remotely controlling the MIC of the target device
  • Save all recorded files
  • Use multiple bug commands simultaneously

Snap Bug

If you don’t need video or audio, you can just take some shots to see where the target cell phone is.

  • Take shots of surroundings call using the front or back camera
  • View saved photos via the control panel

Password Chaser

Pin Code

Without a PIN code, you won’t be able to unlock the phone. The password chaser feature allows you to always be aware of what the PIN code is set at the moment.

  • Tracking digit password

Pattern Lock

Sometimes, users lock their phones using patterns instead of simple PIN codes or passwords. And it seems even harder to guess the right pattern. But not with Theonespy!

  • Tracking pattern passwords


With the help of Theonespy, you can easily track any password, except for fingerprint and face recognition.

  • Monitor digit passwords


WhatsApp Keystroke

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers today. Capture everything that the target user types in this app from passwords to messages to get to know more about his or her life.

  • Tracking passwords keystrokes
  • Tracking messages keystrokes

Messaging Keystroke

This software captures all keystrokes, which means you can spy on sent messages whenever you want.

  • Spy on sent text messages keystrokes
  • Monitor received text messages keystrokes
  • Track text messages and conversation keystrokes

Password Keystroke

  • Tracking email keystrokes
  • Spy on messengers’ keystrokes
  • Monitor SMS keystrokes
  • Track passwords keystrokes

Social Messaging App (No root)


  • Monitor all sent and received messages
  • View chats
  • View detailed logs with timestamps
  • Access shared media files

WhatsApp Messages

  • Capture screenshots of WhatsApp messages
  • Record WhatsApp screen in real-time
  • View detailed logs

Viber Messages

  • Read all chats and conversations
  • Get messenger logs with timestamps

Line Messages

  • Read all chats and conversations
  • Get messenger logs with timestamps


  • Read direct messages
  • View group chats
  • Access shared media files
  • View the list of followers/following accounts


  • View chat logs
  • Read all conversations
  • View dating preferences
  • View dating activities logs with timestamps


  • Read all messages
  • Access shared media files


  • Read all direct messages
  • View shared media files
  • View shared links on the app


  • Monitor all conversations
  • View shared media files

Social Media Chats (ROOT)

Snapchat Events

  • Spy on Snapchat events
  • Read sent and received messages
  • Monitor Snapchat multimedia
  • View voice messages logs

WhatsApp Voice Messages

  • Get logs of recorded voice messages with timestamps


  • View all chat logs
  • View shared multimedia

No matter what version of Skype is used either desktop or mobile, you can still access all the necessary details remotely through the web portal.


  • View chat logs
  • Access any chat remotely


  • View all chats
  • Monitor sent and received emojis and stickers

Facebook Messenger

  • View Facebook Messenger sent and received messages
  • Monitor audio and video messages
  • View shared multimedia
  • Get voice messages logs


  • Read all messages
  • View group chats
  • View shared media files


  • Spy on all text messages
  • Read group chats
  • View shared multimedia


  • View shared multimedia
  • Read text chats
  • View the list of added friends
  • View the matchmaking list


  • Spy on shared and recorded videos
  • Spy on Vine’s 6 seconds longer looping videos
  • View a complete history and watchlist
  • Read text messages


  • Access sent and received messages
  • Read chat groups
  • Access shared multimedia


  • Read all text messages
  • View contact list
  • Access shared multimedia
  • View call logs
  • View friend list


  • Read exchanged messages
  • View shared links and URLs
  • View the list of followed/following blogs


  • Read sent and received messages
  • Read chats
  • View shared multimedia

IMO Voice Messages

  • Get logs of all voice messages


  • Read all text messages
  • View voice messages logs
  • Spy on group chats

Telegram Voice Messages

  • View voice messages logs

Capture Screenshots

Cell Phone Screenshot On Demand

Rooting allows Theonespy to remotely capture screenshots on the target cell phone, whenever you want. Moreover, you can send multiple screenshot commands at the same time.

  • Make screenshots of conversations
  • Capture media files, such as photos and videos
  • Monitor any kind of activities in terms of visual

Live Screen Recording

This feature is designed to record videos of what’s happening on the phone, showing you everything that is on the screen at the moment.

Camera Screen Recording

  • Photo capturing
  • Video capturing
  • Camera filters applying
  • Other activities

Chrome Screen Recording

  • View visited websites
  • View bookmarks

Default Browser Screen Recording

  • Monitor browsing history
  • Spy on visited websites with timestamps
  • View bookmarks

Gmail Screen Recording

  • View sent and received emails in real-time

SMS Screen Recording

  • Read conversations in real-time to not miss anything

Snapchat Screen Recording

  • View real-time conversations and group chats
  • View all multimedia files

WhatsApp Screen Recording

  • Record all messages
  • Spy on conversations in real-time
  • View shared multimedia

IMO Screen Recording

  • Record sent and received messages
  • View shared multimedia

Telegram Screen Recording

  • View Telegram contacts
  • View live chats and secret chats using screen recording
  • View multiple profile pics

Twitter Screen Recording

  • Access encrypted messages
  • View all shared multimedia
  • Browse profiles in real-time

Zalo Screen Recording

  • Access direct messages and chats
  • View the list of contacts
  • Record shared multimedia

Youtube Screen Recording

  • Live videos
  • Uploaded videos
  • Notifications
  • Comments

WeChat Screen Recording

  • Read exchanged messages in real-time
  • View free calls activities
  • Access text and voice messages
  • Spy on real-time conversations
  • View video calls and conference activities

Facebook Screen Recording

  • Track Facebook messages in real-time
  • View offline messages
  • Spy on shared multimedia

Kik Screen Recording

  • Read sent and received text messages
  • View group chats and conversations
  • Access shared multimedia

Line Screen Recording

  • Chats and conversation recordings
  • View complete Line profiles
  • View shared media files
  • Audio and video conversations recording

IMO Screen Recording

  • Spy on secret chats
  • Read real-time conversations
  • View shared media files

Skype Screen Recording

  • View live text messages
  • Chats and conversation recording
  • Audio and video call recording
  • Read group chats in real-time

Tumblr Screen Recording

  • View text messages
  • Access shared multimedia
  • View shared links and URLs

Viber Screen Recording

  • Viber contacts recording
  • Real-time conversations recording
  • Calls activities recording

On-Demand Screen Recording

  • Text messages
  • Calls and call logs
  • Real-time social media activities
  • Emails


SMS Logs With Location

This feature does not only provide you with any text message sent or received by the target phone, but it also provides you with logs, including timestamps and location stamps.

  • Spy on text messages
  • View MMS and iMessage
  • Access notifications
  • Monitor text messages with the location of the device


View All G-Mail emails stored on the phone. Emails hide a lot of useful information, especially when it comes to business. So if you want to make sure your employees do not communicate with competitors, for example, install Theonespy and check everything they are talking about.

  • Track sent and received Gmail emails
  • View email content
  • Save data on the web


View All Contacts Stored On The Phone

Contacts contain various personal details that may be helpful for you. The more you know about a person — the easier it is to avoid problems. Here is what you can do with this spying tool:

  • View details of any saved contact on the target device
  • Track location

Appointments and Calendar Activities

Using the calendar, notes, and different reminders is convenient when you are busy and can’t keep everything in your mind. So if you want to know the schedule of the target person, you can do the following things:

  • Access birthday reminders
  • Make appointments

Photos & Multimedia

What’s in the gallery? This could be very useful because people usually take shots of docs, phone numbers, and other important things.

  • View all stored photos on the target device

Internet History & Bookmarks

View Bookmarks

This feature works with default browsers

  • View bookmarks on the cell phone

View Internet Browsing History

This feature works with default browsers.

  • View the list of visited websites
  • Get browsing history logs with timestamps


Allowed and Forbidden Zones

This is one of the best functions for parental control purposes. You can set allowed and forbidden zones on the virtual map to know that your kid is safe. You can also view logs of entries and leaves with timestamps.

  • Set allowed zones
  • Set forbidden zones

E-mail Notifications of Movement

Set the feature to get notifications any time the target device enters and leaves forbidden zones. This allows you to remotely control all movements and feel safe while minding your business.

  • Receive notifications when the target device enters or leaves a forbidden zone.

Geo-Location Tracking

Real-Time Location Tracking

Real-time monitoring of the exact position of the target cell phone is essential for many reasons. You can view where the phone is on the virtual map.

  • View GPS location of the target device
  • View movements in real-time

View Location History of the Phone

Statistics give us a complete picture of what’s happening. Theonespy offers you to view detailed logs with all the necessary details.

  • View daily logs and location history
  • View weekly logs and location history
  • View complete info with timestamps

Tracking Without GPS

Sometimes, it’s better to use a network instead of GPS to track down the target device. It could be even more accurate.

  • Track location without using GPS

Security and Personal Use

Remotely Lock Phone

In case you have lost your phone or it was stolen, you can remotely lock it to not let anyone use the phone and browse your personal data.

  • Secure your personal information stored on the cell phone
  • Remote phone locking

Phone Data Backup

Create a backup file to not lose important data. This gives you the possibility to restore all the information in the future if you won’t find your lost/stolen device. The backup file can be stored on the web as long as you need it.

Installed App Logs

View the list of all apps on the phone to control the situation. Parents usually forbid using certain apps because they have age restrictions or other limits. This is very convenient to know what is installed on the phone.

  • View the list of installed apps
  • View apps information

Alerts SMS / Email

Monitor every single step of the person you are spying on. Even the change of a SIM card can be important evidence or a red flag. There are only 3 reasons for changing a SIM card: the device was lost, the device was stolen, and the user changed it.

  • Get notified when the SIM card is changed


Set Preferences For Uploading Data

Through the dashboard, you can change preferences regarding uploaded data to set the software just like you want to. This makes the use straightforward and convenient.

  • Synchronization settings
  • App settings
  • Location tracking settings
  • SIM change notification settings

Block Internet While Driving

Make sure your loved ones are safe and they won’t get into trouble. You can even install Theonespy on your own device for the best and safest experience.

  • Block internet access while the user is driving

Block Texting While Driving

The internet is not the only thing that can interfere with your attention on the road.

  • Blocking texting while the target phone user is driving

Remotely Pause or Start TOS Application

If you think the person you are spying on starts to suspect something or you just want to stop monitoring for some reason, you can do it remotely via the control panel.

  • Start and stop Theonespy remotely on the target device

Remotely Remove TOS App Root

Once you have done spying, you can just remove this software without physical access to leave no trace.

  • The end-user has to perform the Rooting process of the target phone

Remotely Reboot / Restart Device Root

  • Reboot the TOS app on the target device remotely
  • Restart root remotely

Remotely Reset License

When you need to reset any license, you can just log in to your Theonespy account, click on the corresponding tab, and get new activation codes.

  • Remotely reset license

Log Synchronization Method

No matter why you need it, you can change the method of synchronization. This is easy to do on the dashboard.

  • Choose the best sync method (Wi-Fi/Cellular/No sync)

License / Device Switching

Unlimited Device Switch

If you want to monitor several devices of the same OS, you can do it using one license and switch between devices without losing any data. However, you can still monitor one device at once.

  • Multiple devices of the same OS monitoring
  • Saving data of all devices on the web portal

Unlimited OS Switch

You can also monitor different devices with different OSs without purchasing an additional subscription.

  • Unlimited OS switch

Multiple Platform Support

Theonespy offers you one of the best compatibility. All you have to do is to choose the right subscription plan.

  • Supports Android and iOS devices
  • Supports laptops/PCs and desktop Mac.

Device Info

Wi-Fi, Battery, GPS status

Get to know everything about the target device so that you can feel safe about what is going on. Check out the internet connection, battery status, and GPS status.

  • Supports Android and iOS devices
  • Supports laptops/PCs and desktop Mac.

Carrier Name, Device Model, IMEI

Regarding cell phones, there are more details that you can check out using Theonespy:

  • Carrier name of the target device
  • Device model
  • IMEI number

SIM Number, Device Storage, Memory

Even hidden information related to the target cell phone can be revealed using Theonespy. This provides you with a complete picture of the device’s condition and gives you extra control over the situation. You can get to know the following attributes:

  • SIM number
  • Device storage details
  • Memory

Remote Operation

Web-Based Control Panel

As was already mentioned, the best part of such spying apps is that you can operate them remotely. Theonespy is not an exception, and it has a pretty simple, intuitive control panel that allows you to do everything you want with the target device:

  • Open and use all spy app features
  • Receive detailed monitored data
  • Remotely control the target device without being noticed
  • Save all the necessary data on the web

Remote Control Via Web

No matter where you are or what device you are using at the moment, you can still control the target device just by using the web-based dashboard. Here is what you can really do just by logging in to the site:

  • Use all apps and features
  • Control target device activities
  • Spy on messages, calls, logs, and other information

TOS Navigator APP

Just download the app from the market, install it on your cell phone, and enjoy the simple and user-friendly TOS Navigator that allows you to do the same things as the web portal but with better comfort.

  • No need to log in using the credentials
  • Simple and enjoyable use
  • The same functionality
  • Access all stored data

Web Filtering /Blocking

Make a list of forbidden websites just by adding specific URLs or applying filters to exclude potentially dangerous sites. This can help you prevent visiting inappropriate resources with explicit or dangerous content.

The list of supported browsers for Android:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Brave
  • Firefox Focus
  • Default Browser

Filtering options:

  • Block by URL
  • Block by keywords


How does Theonespy work?

This spying software works just like any other spying app. First of all, you have to create an account and purchase a subscription, then, download and install the app on the target device. After this, you will get remote access to the target device, which means you will be able to spy on messages, calls, and other things.

How to install Theonespy?

The installation of Theonespy is pretty straightforward and it doesn’t differ from other applications installation procedures. The only moment you may face complications is upon installing Theonespy on a non-jailbroken iPhone. However, the support team is up to help you 24/7.

Installation requires physical access. So after purchasing the product, check your email and find a download link with an activation code. Take the target device and initiate the installation process, following all the instructions. Don’t forget the activation code. Note, that you need to have a stable internet connection. Check the TOS requirements before purchasing the product.

How to detect Theonespy?

Such programs are almost impossible to detect. They leave no traces and run in absolutely discreet mode. Even special apps are not always capable of detecting Theonespy.

How to log in to Theonespy?

Use the login and password you have entered upon registration to sign in.

How to uninstall Theonespy?

You can do it remotely using the control panel.


What is Theonespy?

It’s the ultimate tool for monitoring that helps you keep your life and business secured. This software allows you to remotely access the target device’s data. You can also control the target device to receive more information.

What is Theonespy cost?


  • Monthly — $25/month XLite edition, $50 Premium edition
  • Quarterly— $15/month XLite edition, $31.66 Premium edition
  • Yearly— $6.25/month XLite edition, $12.5 Premium edition


  • 1 month — $35
  • 3 months — $55
  • 6 months — $99
  • 12 months — $140


  • 1 month — $40
  • 3 months — $60
  • 6 months — $80
  • 12 months — $110


  • 1 month — $40
  • 3 months — $60
  • 6 months — $80
  • 12 months — $110

Is there a Theonespy free trial?

Unfortunately, no.

Is there a Theonespy coupon or promo code?

There are no promo codes, but all customers have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Can I try Theonespy’s demo?

There is no demo product on the site.

Can I download Theonespy on Torrents?

No, it’s impossible to find a free version of this software.


Theonespy definitely has one the widest range of functions, which makes it a great monitoring solution. Moreover, the compatibility is good, and the pricing is very affordable. Theonespy is a good mixture of possibilities and affordability. There are almost no downsides, so if you want to start using spying software, this can be a good choice for you. However, we all have different needs, and if you haven’t found something in this app, you can take a look at other reviews on the site and choose the most suitable one.

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