Spy on Apps

Record Apps Usage: Track All The Installed Apps on Your Target’s Phone

Record all usage of applications on their cellphones. Know the truth about which programs he/she opened, get passwords, logs and all the activity of popular apps.

SpyPhoneMax lets you monitor all the apps that are installed in your goal’s phone. With apps usage monitoring you can:

  • View a listing of applications installed in the cellphone of your target (Android or iPhone);
  • View all information about apps usage at your control panel that you can get from anywhere with an internet connection;

Why You Need Spying on Their Apps

Do your children keep lying to you about where they are going? Are your workers taking unauthorized advantages from business cars? Do you need in order to confront them with details of just when and where they’ve been? Just get your target user’s location elements and you would possess a means to catch them out on their cheating.