Spy Call Recording

Spy Call Recorder App: Call Recording Software - Voice Call Recorder

Call Recording – this feature lets you monitoring all incoming and outgoing call information. You will observe date, phone number, call direction, and time of every call made/received on the phone that’s spy app installed.

SpyPhoneMax gives you the ability to record all phone calls made to and from the target mobile phone.

  • Record all incoming and outgoing phone calls 24/7/365;
  • Record calls that are created to and from particular numbers only;
  • All call recordings are uploaded to your on-line control panel that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection;
  • You can download all call records on to your own personal computer or just listen to them direct from your control panel at anytime;

Are you frightened your employees might be making dangerous deals for your business within the mobile phone? Are your kids on the phone with suspicious persons? Do you wonder what he/she is chatting on the phone about? Would not it be fantastic to be able to listen in to their calls and make sure nothing wrong is going on?

SpyPhoneMax Call Recorder can help you: all you need to do is log into your control panel (by entering your e-mail address and password) and review all call records of your target smartphone. Also monitor all contacts in target’s address book: SpyPhoneMax gives you full access to the entire contacts list. Additionally, you are able to click on a specific name and see all last calls and SMS from/ to this individual.

Note: No one but you may have access to your Private Place. All info on the smartphone will initially be encrypted, then uploaded to your Private Place. SpyPhoneMax lets you go through the whole mobile logs of the target mobile.

  • Look at all of the calls made from and to the objective phone along with any calls that are missed;
  • Get details like the phone numbers and contact names that the target Android or iOS smartphone has conveyed with;
  • Get time and date stamps to find out for how long and when each call was made;

You can view the call logs by date or call time and you can also export and download all records.

Why You Need Call Recorder

Even when you can hear what someone is talking about, isn’t it all significant to find out just who they’re talking to? Wouldn’t you like to know who your kids have been chatting with? Would you love to ensure that your employees aren’t discussing to rival companies behind your back? SpyPhoneMax can ensure that you just do not have to guess anymore as you can look with all the details you want at the entire call schedule of your objective phone.

How much time does your child or employee spend making phone calls with your mobile phone? With call recorder you are able to monitor their phone call information. Learn how much time they spend on each call, and who they call, and when they call. With SpyPhoneMax you are able to record any call made to or from the target mobile.

  • Record all incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Record call to or from contacts that are particular just;
  • All recordings are uploaded to your online dashboard;
  • Download your recordings or listen straight from the dashboard;

Why You Need Call Record

Are you really stressed who your teenaged daughter is making plans with? Have you got employees you should track? Maybe your spouse is acting too funny, and you also just cannot take it.

SpyPhoneMax helps you to learn exactly what’s being said on those calls when you are not around. Simply login to your control panel and download or listen to any call made to or from your target phone.

You can also record calls with only particular contacts if you wish, and even receive an instant notice when among these is connecting. SpyPhoneMax lets you see the entire history of all calls; incoming and outgoing, including phone numbers, contact names, date, time and duration.

  • See all voice call logs the Goal has been in voice contact with
  • See calls that are missed
  • See logs even should they were deleted from the telephone
  • Get contact details and phone numbers
  • See when and for how long a call was made

Why You Have To Determine Call Logs

Even when you may be listening to calls or recording them, having access to the call logs confirms who your target was in contact with.

Not only are you going to possess the name associated in the address book of the phone’s, but you’ll also have the contact number, plus time of day and duration for further signs.

You will have a complete inventory of contact made together with the target phone, and you can cross reference the contacts in the call Logs together with the IM contact names, e-mails, and much more.

Phone Call Spy and Tracking Software

You no longer need to sift through the operators in the telephone company, if you’d like to know who your child is holding conversations with on the phone. Instead, SpyPhoneMax can make that specific wish come true for you. It is spy software and a comprehensive call tracking for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other mobiles. Together with the help of this software you’ll be able to get:

  • A comprehensive set of all numbers being called;
  • A comprehensive list of all calls being received;
  • The time, date and duration of the call;
  • Regular updates of the call history;
  • Easy access via online control panel to the logs;

SpyPhoneMax can easily lift call information of the target’s smartphone to produce it available for parents and employers.

Why You Must Monitor and Track Calls

Sometimes it is just impossible to find out what employees are talking about on business owned phones. Are they really discussing something work connected with a coworker? And most of all, how long do they really spend conversing on the phone if you are not around?

Install our spy call tracking tool for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and get answers for all questions!