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How To Spy On Instagram Messages With Instagram Tracker Apps?

Social media has woven its way deeply into our lives, and Instagram stands out as a favorite for many. From the young to the old, it seems almost everyone has an Instagram account. But with all its perks, Instagram brings with it challenges that warrant our attention.

While Instagram is the go-to platform for connecting with friends, seeking entertainment, and even learning something new, it’s not without its pitfalls.

Dark Corners of Instagram 🌒:

  • It’s not always friendly connections and delightful content. Some individuals exploit the platform for malicious intent.
  • Skilled manipulators might convince your loved ones to part with sensitive information, like bank details or personal photographs.

Given the lurking dangers, ensuring the safety of our loved ones on Instagram becomes paramount. Since it’s impractical to monitor their every action manually, Instagram DM Tracker Apps offer a viable solution.

Quick Summary

Dive into the intertwined world of Instagram and its challenges, while exploring various spy apps designed to ensure user safety by monitoring Direct Messages (DMs).

 Social media, especially Instagram, is deeply integrated into modern life, but it brings challenges alongside its benefits.

 Instagram has its dark corners with individuals who may misuse it for malicious purposes.

 Monitoring Instagram DMs can be done using various apps, though free options are practically non-existent.

 KidsGuard Pro offers features like viewing DMs, vanish mode monitoring, and location tracking starting at $39.99/month.

 eyeZy provides screenshot monitoring, deleted DM tracking, and detailed timestamps for each interaction.

 mSpy is a holistic tool that allows for DM monitoring, multimedia access, and tracking of liked and bookmarked posts.

CocoSpy captures every Instagram activity via screenshots, monitors every keystroke, and offers stealth mode for covert operations.

How To Spy On Instagram DM and Monitor Activities? 🕵️‍♂️

Before diving deeper, let’s address the burning question: Is it possible to spy on Instagram DM for free? To be blunt, there’s no Instagram message viewer available that offers such services for free. While spying on Instagram is a premium feature sought by many, it comes at a price. Yet, the good news is that the apps I’ll be discussing are reasonably priced. Plus, they often offer free demos and come with a money-back guarantee. The bottom line? You have to pay to spy on Instagram DMs.

#1 KidsGuard Pro

Track Instagram DM’s & Activities With KidsGuard Pro

How To See Someone’s Instagram DM’s & Activities With KidsGuard Pro

  • 📨 Direct Messages: With KidsGuard Pro, viewing your target person’s entire Instagram activity becomes a breeze. From DMs to comments and posts, nothing escapes its radar.
  • 🕵️ Vanish Mode: Intrigued by the conversations made in Instagram’s vanish mode? KidsGuard Pro ensures you don’t miss out.

Other Important Features:

  • 🎙️ Call Recording: This feature allows you to record phone calls on the target device discreetly.
  • 🌍 Location Tracking & Geofencing: With these, you can keep tabs on the whereabouts of your loved ones and set geographical boundaries for added safety.

In my quest for the best Instagram DM spy apps, I was particularly impressed by KidsGuard Pro. Not only is it affordable, starting at just $39.99/month, but its efficiency in tracking Instagram and other platforms is commendable.

#2 EyeZy

Instagram DM’s & Activities Tracking With eyeZy

How To See Someone’s Instagram DM’s & Activities With eyeZy:

  • 📸 Screenshot Monitoring: eyeZy expertly captures screenshots to monitor Instagram activities, ensuring you get a full visual record.
  • 🗑️ Deleted DMs: What’s more intriguing? The ability to read Insta DMs that have been discarded, even those craftily made in vanish mode.

Main Features of Eyezy Tracker:

  • 💬 Chats: Gain insights into all Instagram chats – from the casual to the secretive ones. With eyeZy, everything is transparent and open for your review.
  • 🖼️ Pics: Sent or received any image on Instagram? eyeZy ensures you’re in the loop.
  • Time & Date Info: With detailed timestamps, you’re always aware of when every interaction took place, empowering you with the data to make informed judgments.

In my hands-on experience with eyeZy, the tool provided profound insights into Instagram interactions. A seamless blend of functionality and user-friendliness, eyeZy undoubtedly stands out in the crowd.

💡 We have a separate article about Instagram monitoring with Eyezy here.

#3 mSpy

We’ve already ventured into the realms of KidsGuard Pro and eyeZy, but as we move further into this enlightening journey of Instagram DM monitoring, another titan emerges mSpy. I’ve been on the lookout for apps that truly resonate with users’ needs, and I must say, mSpy left me pleasantly surprised. It stands tall, not just as a surveillance tool, but as a comprehensive guide into the vast world of Instagram. Curious about my personal experience? Let’s jump right in!

Instagram Direct Messages MonitorinG With mSPY

For those unfamiliar, mSpy is a potent mix of surveillance and robustness. Unlike many apps out there, it provides a holistic view of Instagram activities, ensuring you never miss a beat. Here’s a breakdown of its salient features:

  • ✉️ Direct Messages Monitoring: Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during someone’s Instagram chats? mSpy grants you this superpower. From sent to received messages, everything is visible—even those pesky deleted conversations. Dive deep into each chat and gain a comprehensive understanding of the user’s interactions. Read more about this feature on SpyPhoneMax.
  • 🖼️ Multimedia Access: A picture is worth a thousand words, and with mSpy, you have access to all those words. View every photo or video, be it in Direct Messages or on the user’s feed. Ensure that your loved ones are always in a safe digital environment.
  • 📈 Activity Tracking: Want to decipher someone’s likes and dislikes on Instagram? mSpy’s got you covered. By tracking liked and bookmarked posts, it provides a window into the user’s digital soul. For parents, this is gold—it gives you a glimpse of your child’s evolving interests.
  • 🤵 Followed Accounts Monitoring: Ever wondered who’s shaping your child or partner’s Instagram feed? mSpy unveils the list of followed profiles, letting you understand the influences on the user’s digital journey.
  • Real-time Updates: Stay updated, always. mSpy’s real-time dashboard ensures you never feel out of the loop, no matter where you are.

Upon setting up mSpy on your desired device, you’re equipped with a power-packed arsenal. The user-friendly dashboard welcomes you into a world of real-time Instagram insights. Every interaction, every post, every like—it’s all there, right at your fingertips. Monitor on the move and always stay informed.

#4 CocoSpy

Just when I thought I had seen it all, along came CocoSpy, yet another heavy hitter in the domain of Instagram DM monitoring. With an impressive suite of features and a stealthy approach, CocoSpy has been turning heads in the digital surveillance community. Curious about my journey with CocoSpy?

CocoSpy Instagram Monitoring

CocoSpy is more than just an Instagram monitoring tool—it’s your private investigator, ensuring you never miss out on any Instagram activity on the target device. Here’s what I uncovered during my exploration:

  • 📸 Instagram Captures: CocoSpy is always vigilant. Whenever the Instagram app is fired up on the target phone, it promptly captures screenshots. This way, you’re in the loop of every Insta DM and activity. Intrigued? Dive deeper here.
  • ⌨️ Keylogger Capabilities: The magic doesn’t stop at screenshots. With the built-in CocoSpy keylogger, you can monitor every keystroke made within Instagram, and even beyond. What are they typing? Who are they messaging? With CocoSpy, you’ll always know.
  • 📱 Remote Control Power: CocoSpy lets you be the puppet master. If you ever feel the need, you can block or delete the Instagram app from the target device. The best part? All of this is done remotely, straight from your dashboard.

Instagram monitoring is just the tip of the iceberg. CocoSpy is packed with a multitude of features that further enhance its utility:

  • 📷 Camera & Microphone Access: Want to see or hear what’s happening around the target device? CocoSpy grants you unfettered access to both the camera and microphone, letting you be virtually present.
  • 🌍 Real-time Location Tracking: With CocoSpy’s location feature, you can always pinpoint the exact location of the device, ensuring you always know where your loved ones are.
  • 🕶️ Stealth Mode: One of CocoSpy’s standout features in my experience is its ability to operate in hidden mode. The user of the target device remains completely unaware, making your surveillance mission a covert operation.
  • 📲 Universal Compatibility: Whether it’s an Android or an iPhone, CocoSpy has got you covered. No need for cumbersome rooting or jailbreaking—just pure, unadulterated monitoring.
  • 🔔 Instant Notifications: CocoSpy’s intuitive dashboard ensures you’re never out of the loop. An ‘Online’ tag promptly appears next to Instagram, informing you every time the user is active on the platform.

Whether you’re a concerned parent, a doubtful partner, or just a curious individual, CocoSpy provides insights like no other.

🥇 The Verdict: Which Spy App Is The Best for See Instagram DMs? 🕵️‍♂️🔍

I’ve meticulously tested several apps and, to be fair, they all perform admirably in spying on Instagram DMs. However, your needs might extend beyond just Instagram, and hence the selection of an app should encompass a holistic monitoring experience.

  • uMobix: Crowned as my top pick, uMobix dazzles with its capability of taking constant screenshots, especially from Instagram. This feature ensures that your monitoring isn’t just confined to the texts. The visuals, they say, tell a story that words often miss.
  • Hoverwatch: Following closely on uMobix’s heels is Hoverwatch. What makes it shine is its well-rounded monitoring approach. With Hoverwatch, Instagram isn’t your only playground. It deftly lets you peek into other phone activities, such as call tracking, contact monitoring, and even glances into platforms like Facebook and Snapchat.
  • KidsGuard Pro: If you’re tight on budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, KidsGuard Pro is a worthy contender. It’s affordable, yet doesn’t skimp on the essential features needed for comprehensive Instagram monitoring.

While uMobix and Hoverwatch are stellar, I’d be remiss not to highlight the prowess of mSpy and Eyezy.

  • mSpy: Beyond just DM spying, mSpy offers a treasure trove of features. From multimedia access to tracking likes and bookmarks, it’s a robust tool for any Instagram sleuth. It’s not merely about surveillance; it’s about gaining a holistic understanding of the user’s interactions. A detailed review of its Instagram DM tracking can be found here.
  • Eyezy: This tool captures the essence of Instagram interactions brilliantly. The unique proposition of Eyezy lies in its ability to monitor deleted DMs and the detailed insights it provides about your loved ones’ Instagram chats and shared pics. It’s both powerful and insightful.


✅ Is it legal to use these apps to spy on someone's Instagram DMs?
It’s essential to understand that using these apps to spy on someone without their knowledge or consent may be illegal in many jurisdictions. Always get informed consent if you plan to monitor a device. Use these tools ethically and responsibly.
✅ Do I need to root or jailbreak the target device for these apps?
Most top-tier apps like mSpy, Eyezy, and Cocospy offer features that don’t require rooting Android or jailbreaking iOS devices. However, some advanced features might require such actions. Always check with the app provider.
✅ Can the target person find out I’m monitoring their Instagram activities?
Most of these apps work in stealth mode, ensuring the target user remains unaware. However, no tool is entirely foolproof. It’s best to be discreet and ensure you’re not violating any laws or ethical boundaries.
✅ Are these Instagram monitoring apps detectable by antivirus software?
Quality spy apps are typically designed to be undetectable by most antivirus software. However, nothing is guaranteed. It’s always a good idea to test and make sure.
✅ Do these apps only monitor Instagram?
No, these apps offer a comprehensive monitoring experience. From call logs, text messages, and other social media platforms like Facebook, and Snapchat, to even location tracking – they provide an all-around surveillance suite.
✅ How accurate are the real-time updates provided by these apps?
While most apps promise real-time updates, there may be slight delays depending on factors like internet connection speed, the efficiency of the app, and more. In general, top-tier apps like uMobix and mSpy offer timely and consistent updates.
✅ What happens if the target person changes their Instagram password?
Most spy apps don’t rely directly on Instagram passwords. Instead, they monitor device activity. So, even if the Instagram password is changed, your monitoring should remain unaffected.
✅ How much data does continuous screenshot monitoring (like uMobix) consume?
Continuous screenshots can consume significant data. It’s best to check specific consumption details with the app provider or test over a short period. Always ensure that the target device has an adequate data plan.
✅ Can I monitor multiple devices with one subscription?
This typically depends on the service provider. While some apps may offer multi-device monitoring under one subscription, others might require separate subscriptions for each device.
✅ Is my personal information safe when using these apps?
Top-tier apps prioritize user security. Always choose reputable providers, read their privacy policies, and ensure they use encryption and other safety protocols.
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