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mSpy mAssistance

As the digital age progresses, the challenge of monitoring our children’s online activities continues to grow. Whether it’s to protect them from cyberbullying, inappropriate content, or potential predators, today’s parents need a helping hand. That’s where mSpy and mAssistance come in, combining forces to give you complete control over your child’s digital safety.

mSpy: Your Reliable Partner in Digital Parenting

mSpy Mobile Spy App

mSpy is a leading mobile and computer parental control monitoring software designed for parents who wish to monitor their children’s online activities. As we navigate an increasingly digital world, mSpy provides a helping hand to parents, assisting in protecting children from potential online risks and keeping them safe in the vast cyberspace.

This comprehensive software operates in a stealth mode and is compatible with Android and iOS. It allows you to monitor text messages, call history, GPS locations, and website history, among other things. Furthermore, mSpy provides access to a variety of social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, offering a wide-ranging overview of your child’s digital activities.

Key features of mSpy include:

  • ☎️ Call Management: Provides detailed reports of incoming and outgoing calls, including timestamps and call durations.
  • 💬 Text Message Monitoring: Allows you to view sent, received, and deleted messages.
  • 🛰️ GPS Tracking: Keeps track of your child’s whereabouts and provides a detailed location history.
  • 📍 Geo-fencing: Enables you to set safe zones and receive alerts when those boundaries are crossed.
  • 📊 Internet Use Monitoring: Provides a comprehensive overview of your child’s online behavior, including browsing history and bookmarked sites.
  • 📱 Access to Social Networks: Offers insights into social media usage across multiple platforms.

Moreover, mSpy takes user privacy seriously. With its bank-grade encryption technology, it ensures that the monitored data is accessible only to you. mSpy is a legal and safe solution for parents who want to keep a close eye on their children’s digital footprint, allowing them to step in when necessary to provide guidance and protection. With mSpy, you can ensure your child experiences the digital world safely and responsibly.

mSpy Benefits

mSpy empowers you to worry less and know more, providing a comprehensive mobile tracking solution that is effective, affordable, and, most importantly, invisible. Let’s delve into the features that make mSpy the top choice for parents worldwide.

  • Easy Installation: With a fuss-free setup that takes just about 5 minutes, mSpy doesn’t require any technical wizardry on your part.
  • Up-to-the-Minute Updates: mSpy offers real-time information, refreshing every 5 minutes. This ensures that you’re constantly in the loop about your child’s mobile activity.
  • Undetectability: mSpy operates invisibly. There’s no app icon visible to your child, ensuring they are not aware of the tracking.
  • Secure Data: mSpy uses bank-grade encryption for data transmission, guaranteeing your exclusive access to the information.
  • 24/7 Support: The support team at mSpy is available around the clock, ensuring help is at hand whenever you need it.
  • Value for Money: The cost of mSpy is less than your daily cup of coffee. For the level of peace of mind you receive, it’s a small price to pay.

mAssistance: Your Personal Tech Support

mSpy mAssistance Tech Support

Tech issues can be daunting, but with mAssistance, you have a tech guru at your service, available to handle any tech issue for you, remotely and promptly. Let’s look at what mAssistance brings to the table.

  • Priority Access to Tech Experts: mAssistance gives you access to top tech experts, ready to help with whatever you need, 24/7.
  • Remote Assistance: mAssistance can remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues you may encounter with your device or mSpy app.
  • Jailbreaking and Rooting Support: The complexities of phone jailbreaking and rooting can be intimidating. mAssistance provides expert help in these areas, alleviating potential anxieties.
  • Reinstallation Support: If you’ve got a new device and need to reinstall mSpy, mAssistance ensures it’s smooth sailing.

Benefits of Combining mSpy and mAssistance

Get started with mAssistance

Choosing mSpy along with mAssistance not only provides robust parental control but also gives you personalized tech support to navigate through any potential challenges. Here’s the simple 3-step process:

  1. Purchase mSpy: Choose the plan that suits your needs.
  2. Add mAssistance to your package: This grants you your personal tech expert.
  3. Book a session with our tech specialist: Relax as they navigate the set-up process for you.

If you’re an existing mSpy user, integrating mAssistance into your subscription will amplify your monitoring experience, providing you with an extra layer of support.

If you’re already using mSpy, adding mAssistance to your subscription can optimize your monitoring experience and offer you peace of mind.

mAssistance: Cost and Value

Understanding the complexities of installing a monitoring software like mSpy can sometimes be challenging. But that’s where mAssistance comes to the rescue, offering professional remote assistance via Team Viewer to help you overcome any difficulties during installation.

👉 The cost of adding mAssistance to your mSpy subscription is $53.99. While this is an additional expense, the value it provides is unmatched. With mAssistance, you’re not just purchasing a service – you’re investing in peace of mind. You’re ensuring that the setup process is smooth, effective, and most importantly, stress-free.

What does mAssistance offer?

  1. Ease of Use: Say goodbye to installation headaches. Our support managers handle it all remotely.
  2. Expert Assistance: Gain direct access to knowledgeable tech experts, equipped to address any mSpy-related issues.
  3. Convenience: You set the schedule. Choose a time that works for you, and our representatives will be ready to assist.

mAssistance add to mSpy

When you add mAssistance to your mSpy subscription, you’re investing in peace of mind. Not only does it make the setup process a breeze, but it also ensures you get the most out of the mSpy app. Remember, mAssistance is not just a service – it’s your personal tech guru, standing by to assist whenever you need help with mSpy.

With an impressive 98% customer satisfaction rating, an arsenal of over 50 tech experts on standby, and an average issue resolution time of a mere 20 minutes, mAssistance is committed to ensuring your mSpy experience is seamless and rewarding.

Other Support Options: Making the Most of mSpy

Harnessing the power of a robust software like mSpy should be straightforward and hassle-free. Thanks to mSpy’s excellent customer support system, users can truly enjoy a seamless experience.

Support Priority Line: Swift and Personalized Assistance

For those seeking prompt help, mSpy offers the Support Priority Line service. For an additional fee of $12.99, users can skip the waiting period and receive immediate assistance. The Support Priority Line agents are skilled at addressing any mSpy-related issues and can guide users through the installation process step by step. However, it’s important to note that this service is non-refundable.

Multilingual Support: Communication Made Easy

In an effort to cater to its diverse user base, mSpy’s customer support team is proficient in several languages. This ensures that users can receive assistance in the language they’re most comfortable with.

It’s clear that mSpy is more than just powerful software. With support options like the mAssistance and the Support Priority Line, users can rest assured that they’re well-equipped to navigate any challenges they may encounter. These services demonstrate mSpy’s commitment to user satisfaction and illustrate their dedication to making the mSpy experience as smooth and simple as possible.


✅ What is mSpy?
mSpy is a leading mobile and computer monitoring software designed for parents. It helps monitor children’s online activities and protect them from potential digital threats.

✅ How does mSpy work?
Once installed on the target device, mSpy operates in stealth mode and monitors various activities, such as calls, text messages, GPS locations, and web history. It also provides access to various social media platforms.

✅ Is mSpy visible on the target device?
No, mSpy operates in stealth mode, meaning it’s invisible on the target device.

✅ What is mAssistance?
mAssistance is an optional service that offers professional remote installation support for mSpy. It’s available for a fee of $53.99.

✅ How much does mSpy cost?
mSpy offers various subscription plans. The exact cost depends on the duration of the subscription. Here a table with a detailed information:

1 Months
Great for people who like
to work in their free time.

  • Great for people who like
    to work in their free time.
Most Popular
3 Months
Perfect for start-ups or
small companies.

  • Perfect for start-ups or
    small companies.
Best Value
12 Months
Best for large companies
and enterprise.

  • Best for large companies
    and enterprise.

✅ Can mSpy be installed remotely?
With the help of mAssistance, mSpy can be installed remotely on the target device.

✅ Is the Support Priority Line included in the mSpy subscription?
No, the Support Priority Line is an optional service that can be purchased for $12.99.

✅ What languages does mSpy support?
mSpy offers multilingual support, with their customer support team proficient in several languages.

✅ Is mSpy legal?
Yes, mSpy is legal as long as it’s used for legal purposes, such as parental control or employee monitoring. It’s essential to obtain consent from the device owner (if they’re 18 or older) before monitoring.

✅ Is my data safe with mSpy?
Yes, mSpy uses bank-grade encryption technology to ensure that the monitored data is accessible only to you.


In the digital age, safeguarding children’s online activity becomes a paramount concern for parents. mSpy emerges as a powerful ally in this pursuit, offering comprehensive monitoring capabilities coupled with ease of use.

The added value of support options like mAssistance and Support Priority Line transforms the user experience, turning a complex task into a straightforward process. Not to mention, mSpy’s multilingual support team ensures that help is readily available in a language users are comfortable with.

The various subscription plans are affordable, and additional services like mAssistance and the Support Priority Line are well worth the extra investment considering the peace of mind they bring.

In conclusion, mSpy, with its advanced features and robust support system, empowers parents in their digital parenting journey, providing them with the tools needed to keep their children safe in an ever-evolving digital landscape. It’s a valuable investment for those aiming to strike the right balance between respecting their children’s privacy and ensuring their safety.

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